Our work speaks volume About Us

We are a leading U.S based research chemicals supplier with branches in Europe and Australia. We enable you to buy high quality research chemicals no matter your budget. We provide research chemicals and pharmaceutical products for everyone; from private researchers to full-scale manufacturing facilities. We have the quantities you need with the quality you demand. Can’t find what you’re looking for? The catalog of research chemicals is growing continuously. If you require research chemicals or drugs that you are unable to find listed on our site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can source your required product from trustworthy and reliable producers.

Secure Payments

We'll only be receiving payments through Cryptocurrencies only; unless otherwise. If you don't know how to get Crypto, it's better you start getting yourself use to it.

Shipping Success

We have been praised for our shipping procedures in the past. Our stealth is unrivalled and our success rate remains 100%

About Online Store


Australian and New Zealand customers should not order from the site,
if you want to order from my shop, contact me directly and we'll make
your order. If you order directly on our site and send funds by
bitcoin, your order will be cancelled and you may loose your funds and
you'll be held reliable for that.
The reason is because the prices on our site is not meant for AUS and
NZ customers, we have been shipping there for a long time and have
been doing drop shipping for pounds and kilos of coke and meth and
we're very well aware of the prices over-there so contact us directly
to make your order, not on the site. We've done a lot of research for
years and now we're ready to supply the AUS and NZ Islands good
quality, pure and uncut coke and meth. You can order pure stuff from
us, then cut by yourself and make more money. You get the products
same as we get it, middleman and no cuts.

We ship only crystal methamphetamine and Cocaine to Australia and
New Zealand, if you're looking to order any other products other than
coke and meth, make sure it's not being shipped to Australia and/or
New Zealand.

About our online store

International buyers from Hardest countries like Australia and New Zealand, we've got you covered, we know every possibly ways of getting these shits into your countries. We're based in USA, but we also have partners in Canada and Europe, so any order from Canada and Europe will be done domestic. Most international orders will be shipped from USA. Please, do not send your address unencrypted, we don't know who is watching them. For those of you who don't know how to encrypt messages, hit me up and I'll teach you how to do that shit. We work hard to protect not only ourselves but our customers and this step keeps our clients secure. And if you hate that, well fuck off, honestly cause we will take a loss to keep our people safe. Our people, you all, you guys put food on our tables, so we owe you peace of mind at the very least. Our uncanny shipping speed makes us a no brainer for an emergency situation. This does not come without our OPSEC policies. We don't deal with all products but just hit us up and we can help you get them along with other products if you want large quantity. We know where to source different kinds of products. We'll only be receiving payments through Cryptocurrency only unless otherwise. If you don't know how to get Crypto, it's better you start getting yourself use to it. Google has a lot of info about Crypto, do some research, but hit me up if you find any difficulties. Your satisfaction is TOP PRIORITY, so we will make sure to go above and beyond to accommodate your needs. Feel free to message us with any questions or concerns we'll be happy to help.